Take Life Back In Your Hands

With the SteadiSpoon™, you can regain your ability to feed yourself, comfortably share a meal with friends and family, and recapture your dignity all with a device that’s dishwasher safe, doctor-approved, and contributes to the cure for Parkinson’s!

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Introducing SteadiSpoon

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360° Stabilization

Our 3-axis damping system covers each axis of motion, providing complete stabilization coverage for any tremor

UVC Carrying Case

Take the SteadiSpoon™ with you on the go with our UVC carrying case which ensures your device is always ready and clean

Innovative Utensil Heads

Our signature utensil designs enable you to easily eat whatever your heart desires, whether its a soup, salad, or steak

Faster Eating

We designed our device so you can easily eat more than twice as much per movement as our competitors

Built to Last

Our American-made devices with premium materials have a 5-year warranty–if it somehow breaks, we will replace it for free

Ultimate Eating Experience

Our device focuses not just on leading efficacy, but human-centered design to deliver the best eating experience possible

100% Dishwasher Safe

The SteadiSpoon™ and its attachments are completely dishwasher safe which makes clean up almost as easy as the device makes eating for you!

100% BPA Free

The SteadiSpoon™ and its attachments are completely BPA free so you can rest assured it is safe for you and your loved ones while still being sustainable

Life Back In Your Hands

Parkinson’s, Essential Tremors, and countless other neurological diseases take so much from you. With SteadiSpoon™, you can regain your agency, autonomy, and dignity. Whether safely preparing and comfortably enjoying your secret family recipe with your grandchildren or catching up with your friends at a public restaurant, take life back in your hands with the SteadiSpoon™


% Efficacy (compared to leading motorized competitor)


% Money-back Guarantee

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Magic In Your Hands

Take a Peek Under the Hood of the SteadiSpoon™

3 Axis Damping

Our innovative design has mechanical mechanisms dedicated to each access of motion (pitch, roll, and yaw) so you’re covered in 360° of motion

Dishwasher Safe Utensils

Our replaceable utensil heads are designed with the strongest, food-safe plastics so clean-up is as easy as throwing them into the dishwasher

Ergonomic Design

We’ve designed the SteadiSpoon™ to be effective and comfortable for hands of all shapes and sizes so your eating experience will be as exceptional as the delicious food

Our Charity

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

With each purchase of a SteadiSpoon™ product, we donate a portion of the proceeds to your local Parkinson’s Foundation and its amazing work to fight for a cure and support patients.

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The Story Behind SteadiSpoon

Our founder, Raleigh Dewan, had an interesting childhood growing up on his older brother’s film sets. On set, he was fascinated by the “Steadicam” technology used to stabilize cameras during dynamic action scenes.

When his grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and began to experience debilitating hand tremors so severe she could no longer feed herself, he began to wonder how he could connect the solution on Hollywood sets to her trembling hand.

This birthed the idea for SteadiSpoon™–an affordable, self-stabilizing eating device that empowers people who suffer from Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases to regain agency, autonomy, and dignity in their lives!

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